snOMG….among other things.

:: pokes head out of front door after shoveling out the 6′ drift covering it ::

Is it safe to come outside now?

Yep.  It pretty much looks like that (or worse!) around here right now.

Sorry for the silence on my little blog this week — we’ve been dealing with a blizzard (and the aftermath of a blizzard) for the past few days.  We got between 22″ and 24″ of the white death snow between Tuesday and Wednesday. Blerg.  At least hubs got to use his snow blower, which if memory serves me correctly, he likened to “man beating down nature”.  Safe to say he enjoyed using it.

Anyway…in my snow-enhanced stupor, I neglected to blog about a very important day yesterday. 
It was my mom’s birthday!   Yay mom!  Happy Birthday!  :) 

mom likes Mary Engelbreit.

In other news, this weekend is a pretty important weekend for WI football fans  – the Packers are playing in the Superbowl on Sunday.   Which, if you’ve been in WI for the last…oh…three weeks, you haven’t been able to see anything else on the news other than reports of and every. single. angle. of the Packers going to the Superbowl (although with Snopocalypse 2011 we had a bit of a reprieve).  The most funny “news story” that inevitably shows up is  “He’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  She’s a Green Bay Packers fan. HOW DO THEY LIVE TOGETHER?!”  Yep…our news media, at its finest.  :)   

Good luck to the Packers –  and if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one eating copious amounts of Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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6 Comments to “snOMG….among other things.”

  1. thank goodness for that snowblower–that’s a lot of snow you got there! and, as usual, you are too funny.

  2. I have to say, one of the highlights of my trip home for Christmas was using my parent’s snowblower in Tahoe :D They’re so much FUN! Although that’s probably because I don’t have to actually use it all the time :) And as someone who’s going to a Superbowl party with a bunch of Ravens fans, I think that means by default of Steelers hatred, we’ll be cheering for the Packers too!

  3. Holy smokes that’s a lot! I showed my husband that photo and he just got a grump look on his face…hehe. Here in Colorado Springs we have received like 2″ on our end of town and that is extremely low for snow accumulation around here! He loves the snow but I tolerate it.

  4. I thought our foot of snow (in KC) with 16″ drifts were bad. I’m ready for SPRING!

  5. Oh my goodness that is a CRAZY amount of snow! We keep hearing about everyone having to stay home because of all the snow, then here we are in Florida wearing tank tops because it’s too hot. INSANE.

  6. snOMG is right! But, yay for Packers, I hope they win too. I was in Dallas sending them good vibes while they practiced there. :)

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