Week Eighteen.

This week’s big news was that we had our Anatomy scan on Friday!  Hubs went along for my first ultrasound (at 5-ish weeks) but since there wasn’t much to see at that one, this was the first time he was seeing the baby in person.  He admitted the night before we left that he was very excited – he hadn’t seen an ultrasound “live and in person” before.  I was also ridiculously excited.

The morning of the ultrasound, I drank a lot of water in a little amount of time per my explicit ultrasound instructions, and we grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonald’s (the big breakfast platter for him, breakfast burritos for moi – don’t judge).   Soon after, we headed to the ultrasound.  We checked in, made our way to the imaging center, checked in again, and were told that it would be a few minutes.  I passed the time in the waiting room by playing Bejeweled on my phone – it was the only thing that could focus my attention from the excitement of the ultrasound (and from all of the water in my bladder).  Then finally, we were called back. 

The tech fiddled with a monitor that was mounted on the wall (positioned so that we could see the ultrasound easier) but after about 5 minutes and with my bladder practically exploding, I tried as politely as possible to say “well, that’s okay…we can just watch it on your screen.”  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, hubs and I got to see our baby.

It was even better than I had imagined – the ultrasounds I had previously on the portable machine in my OB’s office were great, but this was amazing.  We saw the head, the feet, the 4-chambered heart, the arms, the legs, and that the baby’s bladder was filling/emptying properly.  To say that we were amazed is an understatement, actually.  I could tell that hubs was soaking it all in, and was astonished at what he was seeing.  It was so, so wonderful.  Afterward, the ultrasound was all we could talk about – I don’t know how we’re going to wait 21 more weeks to meet our baby!

_  _  _  _

How far along?:  18 weeks 

Total weight gain/loss:  Around 8-ish pounds. 

The Bump: Front & center….and seeming to get bigger by the day!

What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  Our ultrasound / anatomy scan!

Maternity Clothes: It’s become evident that my fall jacket is only going to fit me for a few more days – maybe a couple of weeks, if I’m lucky. I have larger winter coats that might fit, so I’m hoping I can make-do with one of those this winter (especially because I’m tall and most likely any maternity coat would be hilariously short in the sleeves for me). 

Symptoms:  Still tired, but that’s usually rectified by taking several naps on the weekends.  Also, I realized this week that I can’t wear my super-high stilettos to work anymore – this probably for the best, since I can tell my balance is changing.  They gave me such a horrible back ache the other day.  So, it’s lower heels (and eventually flats) for me. 

Belly Button in or out?:  In. 

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Aversions:  yogurt.  I typically eat a yogurt every morning, but lately it’s been grossing me out.  Craving: ham.  I know it’s on the “bad” list of foods since it has nitrates in it, but Thursday night I made the most delicious ham & cheese sliders for dinner and I thought I had died and gone to ham & cheese heaven.  It’s weird, because I’ve always hated ham, but now I would eat it every day if I could.  I tried explaining to hubs that pregnancy is weird when it comes to food – things that normally taste really good to me (chocolate) taste not-so-good now, but things that didn’t before (ham) or things that tasted pretty good before (burritos, spicy food, pizza, etc.) taste absolutely amazing now. 

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach!  I rolled over the other night and thought “ahhhhhh, it feels so good to sleep on my stomach!” and then about 5 seconds later I thought, “wait! I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore!” and had to roll over.  Once I rolled over and the pressure was off of my stomach, I realized that sleeping on my stomach wasn’t as comfortable as I had thought, anyway.

Milestones:  Our ultrasound/anatomy scan.  I think we’ve both looked at the pictures of our baby roughly 500 times a day since the ultrasound!  If we look at the pictures this much now, we’re going to be staring at our baby 24-7 once it’s here!   We’re so in love.

_  _  _  _

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8 Comments to “Week Eighteen.”

  1. Yay for the anatomy scan! It sounds so amazing, and I love that your husband is so into it as well :)

  2. Eek! So exciting! I can’t wait for mine next Monday. :D

  3. that’s amazing! so glad you got to see the baby up close. you’re looking great!

  4. What an exciting milestone! I always think the food cravings/aversions are the most fascinating pregnancy symptom. I cannot imagine disliking chocolate though!

  5. Hooray! You look wonderful, and what an exciting week! :)

  6. You look so cute!! We just had our anatomy scan too! It was so amazing. I can’t wait until our next ultrasound!

  7. Wow seeing the anatomy scan sounds really amazing! Glad husband got to be there too :) I can’t imagine chocolate not tasting good…

  8. Try a wool cape instead of a coat! You can layer under it and the size of your belly won’t make a difference!

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