“Don’t wish your life away.”  As a child, I constantly found myself looking forward to what was next – the next grade, the next summer vacation, the next big event I had with my friends, and wishing that it was happening now.  I was often told not to wish my life away – to enjoy the moment, the stage that I was in. 

I’m not sure what it is – maybe some psychological effect of breathing almost nothing but conditioned air, perhaps? - but today I’m longing for fall. 


*Early* fall, mind you…the days where the air seems just a bit more crisp…before it gets blustery and chilly and you have the knowledge that snowflakes are right around the corner.   

Days spent walking outside in a cozy turtleneck, jeans, and boots with a cup of pumpkin spiced coffee.  Days where the afternoon/early evening light is just so golden-yellow and perfect.  Days where you realize that you might have eaten one too many mellowcreme pumpkins, but quickly forgive yourself for it because they’re only around in the fall. 

But, for now…I am doing my best and enjoying summer.  Long, lazy days (even if they’re experienced conditioned air for the moment), evening light until almost 9:00 PM, and lightning bugs flitting around our yard. 

What’s your favorite season?

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10 Comments to “Autumn.”

  1. My favorite season by far is summer – always has been and always will be – but I grew up in Texas and now I live in PA. The biggest difference to me in having four defined seasons is that by the end of one, you are so totally ready for the next. Summer has been great, but I’m finding myself looking forward to the same things you mention — early fall, cooler temps, jeans and boots, pumpkin coffee… and some football. And crockpot meals. And casseroles. And fire pits. Etc :)

  2. I cannot WAIT for fall. OMG. Please, come faster.

  3. I’m ready for fall too, especially with this heat. I really enjoy all of Wisconsin’s seasons (or both of them?! 9 months of Winter and 3 months of Summer, right?! Hahaha) but I am ready for fall, which is hands down my favorite time of year. Get out of here, summer!

  4. I’m ready for anything beyond the 109 degree weather down here!

  5. I’m over the heat and ready for the cool Fall weather!

  6. I think I could have written this post. My mom always tells me not to wish life away. Oh and fall is my favorite season, I can’t wait for September. I love fall flavors and can’t wait for some apple picking and pumpkin recipes. :)

  7. I seriously was writing a similar post in my head! I hate wishing time away, but I absolutely LOVE fall, and the weeks of 100+* heat are about to kill me. It was seriously 112* today. That’s not even funny. I’m so ready for the crisp evenings and gorgeous trees – And to decorate, of course!

  8. I love fall, too! I can’t wait. I wish L.A. had fall foliage. Sigh.

  9. I’m with you–early Fall is pretty much perfect :) I love boots!

  10. I do this too, I’m always looking forward to my plans for the future and not appreciating the moment.

    And yeah, fall boots and scarves are calling my name right about now!

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